Will Sylvester is at the intersection of art and technology. Having worked in e-commerce, commercial photography, radio broadcasting, television news, cable television, and video editing, he works to create compelling interactive visual storytelling works that engage with the public from their creation to  the retelling of the stories.

He received a BA with a concentration on Documentary Film for Social and Cultural Change from the University of Massachusetts in 2011. That same year he went on to edit, build and tour the Question Bridge: Black Males exhibition, including showings at Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontiers and the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival. As a member of the Cause Collective, Will helped to create The Long March, a 65-feet wide, 14-feet tall, 27-monitor installation incorporating depictions of movement, migration and marching from different eras in Alabama history. It is a permanent installation at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Airport in Alabama. Will has also served as supervising editor for several projects including “Am I Going Too Fast,” “A person is worth more than anything else…” and “We are not yet free….”