Black Righteous Space

Black Righteous Space is a sound reactive video piece that takes the Confederate flag dressed in Pan-African colors projected larger than life. When sound enters the microphone, that stands in the center of the room, the image kaleidoscopes and multiplies, twisting the symbol into new shapes and forms that are controlled by the music and speakers provided on an accompanying soundtrack. Periodic breaks in the soundtrack are provided for the viewer to participate in the manipulation of imagery.

Thus far it’s involved remaking the confederate flag in the colors of the negro liberation movement, the Neo Nazi AWB (Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging) flag in iterations of colors based on the post-1994 South African flag, and the German Nazi Flag in iterations of colors of the rainbow. For the Johannesburg launch event of History Doesn't Laugh from Hank Willis Thomas, The Brother Moves On performed a set curated specifically to activate the Black Righteous Space pieces.